Wellness Coaching is a more intimate and tailored program that dives deep into all the realms of what makes an individual healthy and whole, mind, body & spirit.  Often many people have great intentions on getting a sound exercise program and better nutritional habits however old patterns of thinking, motivation and time get in the way.  These two programs have more interaction and support from me on a regular basis to help you reach your goals.  Sometimes it takes a little extra encouragement to reach the finish line.

Transformational Coaching Subscriptions

Having a personal trainer in you back pocket with this service!  This plan is for the person who would like to try the fitness and lifestyle coaching program with Stacy but is already a motivated exerciser that only needs a customized workout plan to help reach their goals and stay committed.  The online training plan includes a tailored program that is established by your introductory coaching call/meeting with Stacy.  All workouts are on the innovative fitness App that includes everything you need to track your workouts, manage your nutrition via My Fitness Pal, and more.  You have one coaching call per month with Stacy to go over any hurdles and establish solutions to continue moving toward your goals.  You have access to the Private Facebook page for group accountability and support.  $149 per month – includes a monthly coaching call.

This is a plan for a person that knows the benefit of having a seasoned Fitness Pro to guide them on a regular basis in every area of their wellness plan.  You have one weekly Skype call, at the beginning of the week to start the week off strong.  Each week you will go over the workouts for the week that are loaded in the innovative fitness App, discuss any obstacles of travel and work commitments and how to stay on track, receive a meal plan and have regular support to make sure you are staying on track.  You receive regular exercise program updates based on your schedule, (work, family and travel) as well as much lifestyle coaching with Stacy as needed via the App messaging and calls as needed to reach your goals.   $350 per month – includes weekly coaching calls.*

*This is a premium service and Stacy only accepts a few clients per month in this program so that you receive excellent service.  Please contact Stacy by filling out the form below:

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