I’ve been in the Fitness Industry for 35  years!  How is that even possible?  Yes I started teaching classes wearing leg warmers and thongs, not something I am proud of, but it was a fun way to get started!!  I have been a Personal Trainer for 24 years – and I have worked with many individuals, age 5 through 92.  What a privilege to be able to help people get healthier and stronger physical for over three decades!  My experience also includes working with special populations, athletes and moms to be!  I never say no to a client because I know that I have been blessed with a gift and I am not afraid to step outside of the box to help someone reach their aspirations.

Since Covid 19 has dramatically changed our industry I felt it was time to reinvent what I am doing so that I can continue to help others.  What started last month as training with a few of my clients over Skype sessions has now turned into my passionate pursuit of combining Healthy Habits, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching.  I have had my own training App for over 6 years that I use with all my in home training clients.  My clients are self motivated and love how the App uses My Fitness Pal, Fitbit, Apple Watch and more to connect their devices so they can stay consistent to their program when they aren’t with me. The revelation that many of us need more assistance in finding and developing a new way to target total body wellness – I felt it was time to put my vast education and experience to work to serve others.

I have developed three programs to help you glean optimal health in your body.  Some of us have great commitments to our exercise program and only need a coach to help with mindset and habits.  Some may have the nutrition on target and eat clean without even thinking about it and only need help with the exercise component.  Wherever you are on that spectrum, I hope that one of my programs may motivate you to finally commit to making the changes necessary to meet your goals. There are three tiers so you are only purchasing what you need to get you to reach your health and fitness aspirations.

If you feel like you need help in determining your future in regards to your health and fitness, please feel free to fill out this complimentary questionnaire!