After recovery from a life-threatening Cerebral Aneurysm in May 2006, Stacy Brown knows the value of a consistent, results-oriented fitness program. Having spent the majority of her life extremely active, training for bodybuilding shows, teaching many group exercise classes, personal training and eating healthy, Stacy feels that it was these “pillars of wellness” that helped her survive this unexpected diagnosis.

Stacy worked out up until the day before this emergency surgery.  She had no idea that she had a life threatening procedure in her near future.  One day she was teaching a cycling class and preparing for a competition and the next she was at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia on an operating table.  After her miraculous recovery, she resumed her fitness career and felt a heightened passion for helping others help improve their physical and emotional strength. What she realized from this journey is that its what you do before the life threatening diagnosis, is what determines how you will recover.  Living a life of health and wellness is what enabled Stacy to recover in an extraordinary way.   As a trainer and health coach its this very experience that motivates her to help others with their fitness and wellness journey.  She has first hand experience in starting an exercise program from the beginning and what it takes to fight back from what challenges life may throw at you!

Stacy has been in the fitness industry for over 35 years with certifications or specialty training in TRX, Cycling, Indo-Row, Kettlebell, Pilates, Yoga, BODYPUMP, BOSU, Booty Barre, Pre/Post Natal, MS, Arthritis, SPARK, Senior and more. She holds her Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from West Chester University and she has her Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate in K-12 health and physical education. She has spent her life pursuing knowledge in her field by attending conferences around the country and is a Certified Level II Fascial Stretch Therapist and Life Stretch Certified Instructor  from Stretch to Win Institute.  Stacy is also a Registered Yoga Teacher as well as a Precision Nutrition Level I Certified Coach and Functional Golf Specialist through Gray Institute.  She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach through SMART Fitness.

 Her personal journey and depth of knowledge makes each of her training sessions a unique, customized and life-changing experience.

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