The following is a contract that I use with my clients to keep them on track and focused, especially during the holiday season.  I suggest that you print the contract off and place it somewhere that you will see it daily.  Let it be a reminder of what you are committing to in order to increase your health.



The purpose of this Fitness Contract is to serve as a reminder of the commitment that you have made to yourself as you embark on your journey to better health. You have made one of the best decisions of your life!


There are 5 things that you must commit to in order to achieve your goals quickly:


A structured exercise program. If you want to achieve results quickly then you must follow the  “Ideal” program. Consistency is the key to achieving results so weekly attendance and exercise is critical. But I do acknowledge that other priorities and responsibilities may surface in your life and that’s why I’ve also outlined a “Minimum” program prescription. This is what you must commit to during those challenging weeks to ensure you maintain your fitness level and avoid backsliding.  Bring this to your next session and together we will come up with a concrete plan of success!

Exercise Prescription

Minimum                                                                              Ideal



Daily activity. The International Journal of Obesity released a statistic that reported we expend an average of 500-800 fewer calories that we did a few decades ago because of our more sedentary lifestyle. This is equivalent to a 5-8 mile run! WOW! So as a trainer I believe that all you have to do is start moving more in your life and then you wont have to spend hours in the gym every week!

You must practice good nutrition. This includes drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day and replenishing fluids that were lost during workout sessions, eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, grain products and high quality protein sources, limiting the amount of fat and alcohol in your diet, eating consistently throughout the day and not starving yourself. I will be happy to provide you with more individualized guidance in this area.

You must be sure to get enough sleep. Sleep is recovery. If you do not sleep enough, you will not be prepared for each workout session and you will not function optimally.

You must control your stress levels. Identify your stresses. Outline methods that help you to reduce your stress and practice them regularly.


I promise to follow the above prescription to the best of my ability.


Date: ___________________Signed: _____________________________________


As your personal trainer, I promise to guide, educate, and motivate you toward reaching your goals to the best of my ability.


Date: ___________________Signed: _____________________________________