I am so thrilled that you are taking the necessary steps to increase your health and well-being.  It’s time to place a priority on our health – even if we are busy running around with the kids, managing a business or household, traveling and taking care of loved ones.  It can be both mentally and physically draining trying to juggle so many obligations on a daily basis that you can’t fathom how to even fit an exercise session in your planner.  If you are experiencing decreased productivity, high levels of stress, anxiety and depression are knocking on the door, you notice you are gaining weight, losing sleep and have general aches and pains – it may be time to take a moment and find out how to reclaim your health.

It’s time to make a change

That’s where I come in!  I don’t mean to call out what may be a crazy lifestyle – heck I have lived that life and know what its like trying to juggle so many important areas of my life and watch my immune system deteriorate and sleep compromised, and yes even as a Fitness Coach have a hard time getting my own workouts in.  Thankfully I’ve  made it through that challenging season of being a single mom of three kids, a business owner and employee of a nationally recognized fitness facility!

I feel like it is my heartfelt responsibility to help you navigate the road back to ultimate wellness.   I have worked with countless individuals over my 35 year career and helped them reclaim their health, energy, strength, confidence motivation and vibrancy.   I specialize in training and coaching a wide variety o individuals at all stages in life.  We’ve got serious business in our lives yet we need to focus on our physical and mental health to operate at our best.  It’s crucial we bring our optimal selves to our family, work and world by investing in our optimal health.  I understand first hand the importance of feeling in control of your health and quality of life as it reflects in your career, personal life and over all joy and contentment in life.

How does it all work?

After you have applied using the link below and I assess that my programs are a good fit, I will book a coaching call to discuss your goals and needs further along with your work schedule.  We will discuss your personal blocks and barriers then create a strategic plan to build your transformation program.  This program will be specifically tailored  toward your goals – the program always starts and ends with you.  I am here as your guide and coach to motivate you each step of the way.  Once we have an effective game plan that works for you I will invite you to my private training App where I design your customized daily workouts that fit your schedule.  I personally design each workout based off your needs and hold you accountable for those workouts as I am able to see if you’ve completed them.  I can also design your very own customized meal plan and give you recommendations for healthy eating on the go during those super busy weeks.  Each week we will schedule a 30 minute coaching call to set your goals, talk about exercise technique, nutrition, and getting past road blocks via phone call.  With 24/7 messaging and coaching sessions, the accountability is endless as I am not only your trainer, but your biggest cheerleader throughout your journey!