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For over two decades I have been privately training clients.  As a Certified Personal Trainer, I have had the privilege of helping transform the lives of many individuals by not only coaching them with their exercise program but providing years worth of guidance in all areas of a healthy lifestyle.  Fitness is only one component of the recipe for a successful wellness plan.  When an individual works with me I am able to share my knowledge, education, and experience which is vast.  I have traveled all over the country attending various conferences, training and seminars devoting my life and time to make certain I am able to help each client reach their highest potential by increasing their capacity from within via a healthy, fit and vibrant body, mind and spirit.

Personal Trainer Methods

I work with a wide variety of clientele and having such in-depth experience with special populations allows me the confidence to help guide those individuals that may feel exercise and a healthy lifestyle is an impossibility due to injury, illness, excess weight or time and financial constraints.  Having recovered from a life-threatening illness and having to start my exercise program from the beginning again by regaining strength, balance and mobility in my body, I know first hand how intimidating it can be to begin this journey.  I have the sensitivity and compassion for those who don’t even know where to begin the process of reclaiming their health.

Online Personal Training

My Training Programs are Online and specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals.  I have three plans to chose from that are based on your budget and need for my expertise.  With each plan we have a coaching call to sit down and discuss your training and health history and help formulate an individualized plan that will meet your needs.
The FAQ will give you the answers to any questions that may arise in determining what is the best option for your program.  You can also fill out the assessment form and submit it and we can schedule a coaching call and together work through what plan will be best for your goals and fits well with your budget.
If you feel that you would best be served by having LIVE Coaching sessions with me via Skype that is an exclusive service I offer to my clients who have difficulty with motivation and prefer to have me with them online for each workout.  There is an additional service for those sessions:
30 minute LIVE sessions $40
60 minute LIVE sessions $75
These sessions are invoiced monthly and include a $50 monthly fee for use of the App and include the Habit Based Coaching Program.
If you already know you are ready to go with your program – Just click the picture below for the program that you feel best meets your needs!
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I am so thrilled that you are taking the necessary steps to increase your health and well-being.  It’s time to place a priority on our health – even if we are busy running around with the kids, managing a business or household, traveling and taking care of loved ones.  It can be both mentally and physically draining trying to juggle so many obligations on a daily basis that you can’t fathom how to even fit an exercise session in your planner.  If you are experiencing decreased productivity, high levels of stress, anxiety and depression are knocking on the door, you notice you are gaining weight, losing sleep and have general aches and pains – it may be time to take a moment and find out how to reclaim your health.

It’s time to make a change

That’s where I come in!  I don’t mean to call out what may be a crazy lifestyle – heck I have lived that life and know what its like trying to juggle so many important areas of my life and watch my immune system deteriorate and sleep compromised, and yes even as a Fitness Coach have a hard time getting my own workouts in.  Thankfully I’ve  made it through that challenging season of being a single mom of three kids, a business owner and employee of a nationally recognized fitness facility!

I feel like it is my heartfelt responsibility to help you navigate the road back to ultimate wellness.   I have worked with countless individuals over my 35 year career and helped them reclaim their health, energy, strength, confidence motivation and vibrancy.   I specialize in training and coaching a wide variety o individuals at all stages in life.  We’ve got serious business in our lives yet we need to focus on our physical and mental health to operate at our best.  It’s crucial we bring our optimal selves to our family, work and world by investing in our optimal health.  I understand first hand the importance of feeling in control of your health and quality of life as it reflects in your career, personal life and over all joy and contentment in life.

How does it all work?

After you have applied using the link below and I assess that my programs are a good fit, I will book a coaching call to discuss your goals and needs further along with your work schedule.  We will discuss your personal blocks and barriers then create a strategic plan to build your transformation program.  This program will be specifically tailored  toward your goals – the program always starts and ends with you.  I am here as your guide and coach to motivate you each step of the way.  Once we have an effective game plan that works for you I will invite you to my private training App where I design your customized daily workouts that fit your schedule.  I personally design each workout based off your needs and hold you accountable for those workouts as I am able to see if you’ve completed them.  I can also design your very own customized meal plan and give you recommendations for healthy eating on the go during those super busy weeks.  Each week we will schedule a 30 minute coaching call to set your goals, talk about exercise technique, nutrition, and getting past road blocks via phone call.  With 24/7 messaging and coaching sessions, the accountability is endless as I am not only your trainer, but your biggest cheerleader throughout your journey!

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  1. What’s the difference between Online Training and LIVE Online Coaching? The main difference is that LIVE Coaching uses Skype services to have a live Personal Training Session with Stacy.  Online Training uses the App with programmed workouts added to your account that feature videos taped by Stacy for each exercise.  Online Training uses the App services for you to complete your workouts daily at your own convenience when you can fit them into your schedule.  LIVE Online Coaching sessions are scheduled sessions with Stacy, either 30 or 60 minutes in length, and have her present while you are working out.  There is a charge for LIVE sessions with Stacy – $40 per 30 minute session and $75 per 60 minute session.
  2. How many workouts do you get per week with the Online Training feature? You get up to 6 workouts per week all including videos of me showing you how to do the exercises with proper form and verbal cueing.
  3. Where is the Accountability aspect if it’s Online?  For my workouts in my private training App I am notified when you’ve completed a workout.  I send frequent reminders throughout the day if you have not yet completed your workout.  I recommend you synch your Fitbit or Apple Watch to the app so I can track your heart rate and energy expenditure.
  4. How am I sure that I will adhere to the recommended Nutrition plan?   You are able to synch your MY FITNESS PAL app to my private app.  From there I am able to track your daily menu as well as give you pointers as I see fit.  I find the accountability online vs in person to be more effective because I am able to watch your every move as well as know that you are working out more than the common 2-3 times per week in person.
  5. What if I am sick or on vacation for a week?  If this happens I simply pause your training account and that week is not counted against you.  When you return to your training program it will be exactly where you left off.  Although I don’t recommend pausing the App while you are on vacation as its important to stay on track with small modifications in the duration of your workout – if you find that it is necessary to pause it we will.
  6. How do I know if I’m doing all the exercises correctly?  What if I need to ask a question?  With the 24/7 two-way messaging in the app I am able to answer all of your questions quickly.  With your weekly coaching sessions we can discuss your form, technique, any obstacles you might be having trouble with in your training program as well as set weekly goals.
  7. How do we track my progress?  With monthly measurements and photo diaries that are located in the app we are able to track your progress throughout your program.  My private app will prompt you exactly where to take measurements and how to pose for the pictures.  These pictures are stored in the app for tracking and only you and I are able to view them.  You will have scheduled each month into your training plan reminders of when the progress photos and measurements are to be taken.
  8. What if I’m traveling and don’t have my usual equipment?  During our monthly coaching call we will discuss your plans and I will do the research ahead of time to make sure what gym amenities are available and I will create your workouts accordingly.  No equipment at all? I can set up full body weighted workouts that require zero equipment or you can purchase my on-the-go training bundle with equipment that is portable!
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