I would love to help guide and coach you through every detail of your fitness program!  Transformation in the body starts with honestly identifying where you are today. This isn’t always an  easy observation but in order to create a strategic game plan we need to address where we are  starting from and build a clear path to follow to elevate your optimal health from the inside out. As a  veteran of the industry – I HAVE THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO CREATE THIS LIFESTYLE FOR  YOURSELF. I live it every day and not only do I walk the walk, I have the education, knowledge and  experience to help you glean the same! 

After you have completed the initial assessment below, you will be directed to book your  complimentary 30-minute coaching call with me to see if my programs are a good fit for you. We will  discuss your goals and needs, the personal blocks and barriers toward reaching those goals then  develop a comprehensive wellness plan that will help transform your body. I believe in YOU and this  process requires that you believe in yourself by having the tools and the trainer to help overcome the  obstacles. I want to help step you out of feeling lethargic, stressed and tired into a life of health, happiness, energy and focus so you can be the best version of yourself. Once we have an effective  game plan that works for you – I will invite you to my private app where I design your personalized  daily workouts that you can fit into your schedule. I design each workout based off your unique needs  and hold you accountable for these workouts as I am able to see exactly when you’ve completed  them. Workouts can be created for home, gym, hotel room, or outside; wherever most convenient for  you. 

I will also design your very own customized meal plan and give you the recommendations you need  for healthy eating during the week. I will provide you with your macro counts and recipes to help  make the nutrition program easier. (please note that this program doesn’t include nutrition coaching & education but the meal plan necessary to match your goals for the fitness program, whether weight  loss, gain, etc.)  

Every other week we will schedule a coaching call to address exercise technique, nutrition, goals and  getting past road blocks. You will also have 24/7 messaging through the app so the accountability is  endless! I am not only your Personal Trainer, but your coach, biggest fan and cheerleader  throughout the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey! My heartfelt desire is to help you  succeed and become the absolute best and healthiest version of yourself! 

  • Personalized Online Training Program using the Stacy B Fit App. 
  • Detailed instructional videos from Stacy for each workout in your program. 
  • Daily Customized Workouts based on fitness level, time and equipment available ~Progress photos & measurements and biometrics graphs to keep you consistent. 
  • Ability to connect Apple Watch, FitBit, My Fitness Pal and Withings scale with App so I can  monitor progress. 
  • 24-7 Messaging and Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Meal Plan, Macro and Recipes 
  • Biweekly Coaching calls 
  • Habit based Coaching 
  • Access to the On Demand classes at a reduced cost
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