Let’s face it no one manages your health but YOU! These two bundles are my comprehensive  programs that combine the necessary components to reclaim your health, strength & vitality. One  program is for those folks that need only the motivation of having a monthly coaching session and the  program to follow as you have experience with maintaining a healthy lifestyle – but need the  accountability that comes with having a seasoned veteran of the industry along side of you! The  second program is my most popular and is a comprehensive overhaul of your health plan. Weekly  coaching calls and 24/7 messaging access to make sure we are holding hands through the process! 

FITNESS AND NUTRITION Bundle $130 per month – SAVE $20

This program is for the experienced exerciser that needs to get back on track with their workouts and  nutrition. Perhaps the challenges of Covid-19 and being out of a routine have created unhealthy  habits that you need help maneuvering BACK to a new normal while at home working, taking care of  your family or reestablishing the habit of clean eating and regular exercise. 

This bundle includes access to all of Stacy B Fit Workout Videos and Nutrition Coaching as well as One Monthly Coaching Call and Healthy Habit Based Coaching via the Stacy B Fit Training  App. Have Stacy daily coach you and inspire you to regain the strength, endurance, focus and  discipline that comes with adopting the principles of an active and healthy life. 

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TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION Bundle $350 per month – SAVE $25.

Do you need more accountability and a Total Body Fixer Upper? Work intimately with Stacy on all  areas of your health & wellness plan. With weekly check in calls, daily workouts, clean and  wholesome nutrition program, establishing sound goals and reaching them fast, this is the most  popular program. Together we will tackle all aspects of your program, whether it is rehauling your  nutrition program, starting an exercise program, creating a road map for the habits and life enhancing  behaviors necessary to lose weight, regain energy and feel great! 

Details of the Program: 

  • Personalized Online Training Program using the Stacy B Fit App.
  • Detailed instructional videos from Stacy for each workout in your program. 
  • Daily Customized Workouts based on fitness level 
  • Progress photos & measurements and biometrics graphs to keep you consistent. 
  • Ability to connect Apple Watch, FitBit, My Fitness Pal and Withings scale with App so I can  monitor progress. 
  • 24-7 Messaging and Weekly Coaching Calls. 
  • Access to On Demand Classes that include Yoga, Stretch Therapy, Core, HIIT, Kettlebell, Strength  Training and more. 
  • Personalized Nutrition Program that includes: 
  • Detailed Meal Plan based on your choice – Classic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegetarian,  Pescatarian, Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Whole30 and more.. 
  • Custom Macro Breakdown according to your height, weight, age, body type and goals ~Daily Food Tracking 
  • Weekly Recipe Pack and Grocery List 
  • Nutritional Information available for recipes 
  • Habit Based Coaching – a comprehensive health enhancing based approach to make sure all areas  of your wellness plan are targeted based on your physical and mental health needs. I can create,  track and keep you accountable for these habits to make sure you are capable of making these  behavior changes part of your every day life. Habits include, but are not limited to: 
  • Self-care 
  • Sleep 
  • Portion Control 
  • Water intake 
  • Motivation 
  • Goal Setting & more 

Coaching Calls – Along with having access to Stacy 24/7 via messaging support through the  App – I will additionally provide coaching sessions via Skype or Facetime to discuss how your week is  going. We will establish a conference time to go over your weekly workouts, goal setting, nutrition  plan and more. These sessions will be booked on your time through my private scheduling portal. It  is a time to personally discuss your transformation, be transparent in the journey and how I can best  to guide you in the process. I am here for you and although challenges may come, this is an  opportunity to make sure you overcome all barriers and hurdles that may arise as well as celebrate  together the successes along the way! 


*All clients have access to the PRIVATE STACY B FIT TRIBE FB PAGE for more support in their programs!  I also provide a weekly COMMUNITY ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK IN CALL EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING, SIGN UP ON CALENDY!

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