Fascial Stretch Therapy is an assisted manual stretch therapy technique that was created in 1995 by Anne Frederick that was further developed together with Chris Frederick, PT  into a unique system performed with a client comfortably secured to a massage table.
FST focuses on elongating, re-aligning and balancing the connective tissues of the body. The rapid and pain-free results occur within one session and not only improves flexibility but also strength, balance, coordination, body awareness and posture. The client or patient is given a specific progressive home stretch program that focuses on the fascia to maintain the positive changes and benefits gained from an FST session with a stretch therapist.
  • Pain is reduced or eliminated within 1-3 sessions.
  • Function is mostly restored within 1-3 sessions.
  • Mobility dramatically improves in 1-3 sessions
  • Stress is reduced or eliminated within 1-3 sessions.

Fascial Stretch Therapy Near Me

Stacy is a Level II Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist.
Sessions are provided in 30 & 60-minute formats at Universal Athletic Club.
Feel free to contact me to set up your Stretch to Win Session!
“I had the pleasure of meeting Stacy Brown while I was working out one day at Universal Athletic Club.  She overheard me talking about acupuncture and deep tissue massage, which I get done on a regular basis.  She informed me about FST and asked if I golf.  Me and my wife are avid golfers.  After being informed about FST, I booked a session with Stacy for the very next day.  WOW What a game changer!  Not only did it help increase my flexibility/strength in the gym, it helped reduced my gold handicap!  WIN WIN!!  Stacy was very personable and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend her and FST!
Jonathan Skoloda